Transitional Living
At Grandview

At Grandview, we offer a separate, eight-bed, Transitional Care Unit for our short-term care and rehabilitation residents who:

  • Have undergone joint-replacement surgery
  • Have experienced a CVA (cerebral-vascular accident, or stroke)
  • Require cardiac-rehabilitation therapy
  • Require vestibular therapy

The average length of stay in the Transitional Care Unit is seven-to-ten days. Separate from the main facility, this unit has a private entrance and is staffed around-the-clock by professional caregivers. Each room includes a television and telephone, and residents receive all of their therapy and eat all of their meals in the unit. As a result, our transitional-care residents do not need to leave the unit unless they choose to do so. Our Transitional Care Unit has an excellent track record for quick resident recovery and return to home.