Our Staff

Much of the Grandview difference is due to the caliber, competence, and caring of our staff. We work hard to recruit and retain the best-qualified caregivers and other employees who help to make a positive difference every day in the lives of our residents. Many of our staff members have been with us for more than ten years, and some have worked at Grandview for more than 20 or even 30 years. We value the skill, dedication, and passion that our staff members bring to their work and the benefits that result for our residents.

Members of the Grandview management team include:

Michael Boone, NHA - Chief Executive Officer

Michele Boone, PT, NHA - Administrator

William Mettler, MBA - Chief Financial Officer

Brian Shadle - Facilities Director/Director of Purchasing

Ann McLaughlin, RN - Director of Admissions

Tina Ignatavich, RN, BSN - Director of Nursing

Sue Chrysler, LPN - Quality Assurance Director

Loretta Neyhard - Activities Director

Karen Wise, MSW - Social Services Director

Dan McGann - Director of Human Resources

Shelly Lawton, DTR - Director of Dietary Services

Laura Gemberling - RN Assessment Coordinator

Here’s what some of our employees say they like best about working at Grandview:

“The best part of Grandview is the interaction with the residents and their stories … it forms a bond.”

Loretta, 19 years of service

“Home cooking with a family atmosphere!”

Nancy, 14 years of service

“The teamwork with fellow employees is what I enjoy the most.”

Josh, 11 years of service

“You develop true friendships, just like being sisters … you can feel the family atmosphere …”

Sue, 13 years of service, and Melissa B., 16 years of service

“Nowhere [else] will you find the flexibility with your work schedule.”

Bill, 6 years of service

“It’s comforting to know that the Boone family makes it a point to know the staff, and they always greet you with a hello and a smile.  They are always willing to sit down and listen to any concerns; the door is always open.  This is my home away from home.”

Judie, 38 years of service

“What I like best about working at Grandview is that it is a personal, family-oriented environment, and it is rewarding building relationships with the residents.”

Ann Marie, 10 years of service

“I enjoy working at Grandview, because it is family oriented and it is like a home away from home for me.”

Michelle, 2 years of service

“It’s family.  It has a pleasant atmosphere, and it’s a good place to work.  It’s wonderful, and the residents are great!”

Abby, 5 years of service

"Grandview is a home away from home for many. It is not your every day, ordinary nursing facility. They really do care for their residents and staff. All of us working here  become family to the residents and the residents become family to us."