About Us

Grandview Nursing & Rehabilitation is the largest and longest-operating, family-owned, skilled-nursing facility in the Danville region.

Unlike corporately owned facilities, which often have their headquarters and top-level administrations located in other states, the Boone family has owned and operated Grandview since 1979 and considers their residents and employees to be an extension of their family.

Today, Chief Executive Officer Michael Boone, Administrator Michele Boone and their sister, Lisa, are the second generation of Boone family members to own and operate Grandview. Their father, Jerry E. Boone, purchased his first nursing home in 1959 and, throughout his career, managed more than 700 nursing home beds, including the 172 at Grandview.

Michael, Michele, and Lisa literally grew up at Grandview. As children living with their parents above the facility, they spent many hours playing in the hallways and common areas and interacting with residents, even sharing many major holidays, including Christmas, with the facility’s residents. Because their nursing facility experience is life-long and family based, it’s deeply rooted, and their commitment is strongly held. Caring and compassion aren’t just characteristics that they bring to their jobs. Those traits are inherent to who they are.