Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation Facility in Danville.

Nurse with Resident


"At Grandview, you’re more than just a resident. You’re a part of our Grandview family. Because we’re second-generation-family-owned and operated, you’re not entrusting yourself or your loved one to a big, corporate entity with headquarters and management in another state.

"We are hands-on and on-site, actively engaged in the daily life and culture at Grandview. That’s why we don’t just ensure that we meet all established care protocols; we continually are striving to exceed them through our individualized, resident-centered, loving care."

-- Jerry, Mike, Michele, and Lisa Boone

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  • Short-term Rehabilitation
    Short-term Rehabilitation

    Grandview provides the most comprehensive rehabilitation services in the area, offering inpatient physical, occupational, and speech therapies.

  • Skilled Nursing
    Skilled Nursing

    As a designated skilled-nursing facility, all of our residents receive care that is provided by or supervised by registered nurses.

  • Long-term Care
    Long-term Care

    Grandview offers long-term care and permanent placement for residents with skilled-nursing needs who can no longer live on their own or with a home caregiver.

  • Respite Care
    Respite Care

    If you’re caring for a loved one but need time away from the demands of caregiving, Grandview can help.

  • Hospice

    Grandview provides onsite hospice services for residents who need this level of care.



Much of the Grandview difference is due to the caliber, competence, and caring of our staff members, many of whom have been with us for more than 20 years. They make a difference every day in the lives of our residents. We value the skill, dedication, and passion they bring to their work and the benefits that result for our residents.

Our Staff